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It is with great pride that Devfto offers our artist residency program.


Our ongoing Artist-in-Residence programme for both local and international printmakers is focused on providing a creative and supportive environment in which artists may immerse themselves while creating new work and expanding their own understanding of their medium and printing technique. Our residencies aim to foster artistic talent, create opportunities to build professional relationships and exchange ideas and technical skills. Throughout this residency, Devfto’s objective will be to support you in creating a meaningful experience for your research or artwork production.

For more information regarding the facilities and support Devfto offers during the artist residency programme, please check these documents.


We are looking forward to your participation in Bali and for your experience to be filled with exchanges that will ignite momentous ideas and creations !


Curious about our resident artists and their experiences at Devfto?

Below you can find out information about our artists that have participated in the past.

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