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Goenawan Mohamad

Devfto x Independent Artist

Goenawan Mohamad is somewhat of a legend in Indonesia. Known as a writer, poet and founder of ‘Tempo’ magazine, Mohamad has also been familiar with art since the early 1960s when he lived with the artists of Sanggar Bambu, studied painting with Danarto, Syahwil and Mulyadi W. and found himself in regular company of artists such as Nashar and Zaini.

His first exhibition of a collection of sketches was titled PE.TIK.AN and was held at Plataran Djoko Pekik, Bantul, Yogyakarta (November 2016). After this several solo exhibitions followed, named ‘Kata, Gambar’ at dia.lo.gue artspace, Jakarta (February 2017), ‘Another Stage’ at Aksara Pacific Place, Jakarta (July 2017) and finally the ‘Ke Tengah’ exhibition at Galeri Sarang, Yogyakarta (November 2017). After exhibiting at the Sarang Gallery, he was invited by the artist Hanafi to collaborate in an exhibition entitled ’57 x 76’ at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta (June 2018). In the same year, he exhibited at Faber-Castell Store, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta (May 2018), and Hotel Monopoli, Jakarta (August 2018). The following year he exhibited at the OHD Museum, Magelang (January 2019), Semarang Gallery (June 2019), and at MDTL (Museum and Clay) Yogyakarta (November 2019). He has also made illustrations for his books, including Don Quixote (2011 & 2013), Fragments: New Poems (2017), and Traveling with God (2019). He has published books on fine arts, including ‘Pigura Tanpa Penjara’ (2019) and ‘Rupa, Kata, Obyek dan yang Grotesk: ‘Esai-Esai Seni Rupa dan Filsafat Seni 1961-2021’ (2021).

In addition to being productive in art, in 2022 he will also publish several new books, including Eco and Iman, Dari Sinai sampai Al-Ghazali, and Albert Camus: Tubuh dan Ingatan.

Goenawan Mohamad joined the printmaking residency in Devfto during March and April 2022 where he starting working on two art books consisting of his own artworks, ‘Kitab Kurawa’ and ‘Kitab Hewan’. In September, he returned to continue his Residency Program at the Devfto Printmaking Institute.

Mohamad explored techniques such as lithography and softground etching during the residency. He finished his two books over the course of his residency at Devfto, which will soon be exhibited and available for purchase.

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