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DEFVTO Printmaking Institute is an open studio that offers commissions, editioning, paper and printmaking research, workshops, exhibitions and artist-in-residency programs.


DEVFTO is defined as an institute to distinguish it from the other open printmaking studios in Indonesia. Our vision is to educate the public and art collectors about printmaking. We want to become a resource center, sharing knowledge and experience through our studio, but also via our website and social media channels.


We want to elaborate on the narrative of what Indonesian printmaking entails, define its historical distinctions and clarify the enormous array of variations of the printing genre. As an institute we want to create accessibility to the genre and provide qualified personnel and expertise to explain the technical processes, the value of printmaking, aesthetics, and commercial values. Therefore it’s essential to bring people into the studio and witness the process and learn more. This will distinguish DEVFTO’s educational responsibilities.

Devfto Printmaking Institute was established to support the development of printmaking in Indonesia, as a contribution to the advancement of fine art in Indonesia, and especially in Bali, creating opportunities to foster artistic talent while increasing the development of the Bali art infrastructure. We are working with  Indonesian Art Galleries to help educate the market, and we plan to conduct specific tours for collectors to begin the transformation of the perception of printmaking.  


We have facilities and all the equipment needed to develop graphic artwork, including Linocut, Screen Printing, Monotype, Cyanotype, Lithography, Softground etching and Photo-Intaglio techniques.


Devfto was pioneered by Devy Ferdianto, a print master and artist with more than 30 years of experience, supported by talented emerging artists.


Devfto Printmaking Institute can be found on the first level of Sika Gallery, Campuhan, Sayan, Ubud.

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