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Devfto hosts monthly workshops of an array of printing techniques, including Linocut, Screen Printing, Monotype, Cyanotype, Lithography,

Softground etching and Photo-Intaglio techniques.


Have you always been curious to learn about the process of creating and printing your own artwork ? Then this is for you. 


The workshops last between 2,5 - 5,5 hours depending on which technique you will be learning. The Workshops are held in groups of minimum 3 and maximum 10. Click here to see our schedule.


Can’t find the workshop you want or you are part of a group who would like a private group workshop? Let’s connect and see what we can do.


Would you prefer to study more in depth, in the form of a private workshop of a half day, full day or several days, please contact us at or have a look at our ‘Artist Residency’ page to find out about joining our ongoing residency programme. 

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