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Adam Bachmeyer

Devfto x Independent Artist

Adam Bachmeyer was born in the South-East United States in 1972. His first experienc with art was when he was sick as a young child and his mother bought him a set of paint by numbers. Ever since that moment, he has been seeking ways to express creativity and create art.

Currently, Adam is an international educator, and currently teaches Visual Art and Design Technology in Surabaya, East Java, indonesia.

Adam has an eclectic sense of artistic appreciation and his influences include works from the Bauhaus movement, Outsider Art, street art and pop art. He is also heavily influenced by American postmodern artists such as Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.

Although Adam would describe himself as a largely self taught artist, he studied arts at three universities throughout the South-Eastern United States during his academic years. Eventually though, he completed a degree in english literature as well as technical communication.

Before coming to Devfto, Adam was considering new approaches, techniques and concepts for his art-making practices in order to develop a new creative focus for himself. During his time at Devfto he explored many different techniques, including lithography, soft ground etching, screen printing and cyanotype.

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