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Bunga Yuridespita

Devfto x D Gallerie Jakarta

Bunga Yuridespita (1989) is an artist based in Bandung. Through space, time and memory she juxtaposes her practice with an exploration of her life imprints that built her identity as an individual. She graduated from Pelita Harapan University majoring in Architecture then continued her masters degree at the Bandung Institute of Technology, where she majored in Fine Arts. Though she decided to pursue Fine Arts, consecutively after obtaining her Bachelor of Architecture degree, she never let go of her architectural instincts; in fact, it became a significant influence in her creative process and artworks.

Bunga’s abstraction depicts pavement lines seen from a birds point of view (aerial photography); its reduction creates a harmonised composition on the canvas. Visually it represents shape and colour that makes its original object unidentified. The areas and subjects illustrated in her pieces are representations of daily experiences and personal space. Her compositions are achieved using the collage method, which is stimulated by the act of personal meditation, which touches upon ideas of the relationship between humans and spaces. Bunga believes that space is equivalent to the storage of memories of the past, current self (present) and the constant development of our identity (future). Her works cultivate what has escaped from human’s daily activities and their responses towards space. It is like a conversation between the human body and space, which leaves a memory that forms the character of an individual. This concept is then interpreted in the form of a collage, combining her prior architectural knowledge and her sensitivity towards aesthetics.

At Devfto Yuridespita became more familiar with the screen printing and photo intaglio techniques.

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