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Chandra Rosselinni

Devfto x ArtSociates

Chandra Rosselinni (1995) is a Jakarta born illustrator/penciller and founder the ‘Drawing Home Studio’. Rosselinni currently resides and works in Jogjakarta. Since childhood he has been interested in art and has been actively creating arts ranging from painting, drawing, animation and printmaking.

Rosselinni works raise attention to many issues related to his personal experience as an intersex person (DSD, disorder of sex development). This became the subject of his thesis entitled ‘XXY Journey of the Intersex Individual, Problems in the Visualisation of Drawing’ which brought him to get his masters degree at postgraduate ISI, Jogjakarta in 2020.

Chandra works mostly with charcoal and pencil on paper and canvas. But he was also interested in printmaking. While at Devfto he explored lithography, soft ground etching and etching aquatint, to add new dimensions to his illustrative work.

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