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Jennifer Ewing

Devfto x Independent Artist

Jennifer Ewing, is a long time professional artist, teacher, muralist and workshop facilitator from San Francisco, CA who also loves to travel. Fifteen years of immersive experience as a museum educator has been inspirational in the trajectory of her personal work. In 1989 she created Ewing and Germano to offer fine art services and build her work philosophy, expand her connections and experience painting a wide variety of subject matter. Italian architecture is a long time passion giving her a specific perspective that influences her vision. Jennifer's experience in printmaking studios begins in college and more recently at Gruenwald Press, San Francisco - 2012-2018. Her work has been exhibited widely in various Bay Area venues and Open Studios over the past twenty years and her paintings can be found in the collections of Ruth’s Table, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation, UCSF and private Bay Area collectors.

Because she comes from a densely urban place, she is seeking to engage with natural forms and more open space. During her residency in Bali, she aims to see nature transforming her art especially with patterns and textures that she can incorporate and how the culture includes boats. Her major theme of ”Spirit Boats” began in 2005 when her father died and she embarked on a reflective journey. The symbol of a boat gave her passage through grief that she shares in her exhibits and programs. Marking passages of transformation in an abstract style, she employs unique materials: stained paper, chalk into wet paint and applications and erasing pure pigments. 

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