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Jim Allen Abel

Devfto x ArtSociates

Jim Allen Abel (often known as Jimbo) was born in Luwu, 28th of June 1975. His concerns about landscape might have emerged during his interior design study in the Interior Design Department, Modern School of Design Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta (1996-1997). He continued his education in the Photography Department, Indonesia Institute of Art, Yogyakarta (1997-2005).

His works display the world through his ocular-centrist—quoting from his most recent catalog, "criticism through the eye"—and sometimes subtly humorous perspective. Captured into photographs and videos—standalone or installation—he recounts and interprets traces of history in nowadays landscape, how they have changed the face of landscape through human's acts, natures, and creations. This viewpoint was thoroughly exercised in his latest solo exhibition with ArtSociates, Vertikal Horizon (2019), curated by Hendro Wiyanto. His other exhibitions were numerous, but to name a few: The Mastodon Came in Through My Bathroom Window (2013, Element Art Space, Singapore), The Others (2013, Art Stage Project, SAS, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore), Diverting Politics of (Re)Presentation (2019, Jogja Art Lab, Yogyakarta), Pivotal Works from Multi-Generational Artist Who Have Pushed Boundaries (2019, Yeo Workshop, Singapore). He had also participated in Art Jog (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015), several biennials, and Bandung Contemporary Art Award #2 (2012).

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