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Nesar Ahmad Eesar

Devfto x ArtSociates

Born in 1988 in Zabul Afghanistan, this Contemporary artist - Nesar Ahmad Eesar - started his study in Calligraphy and miniature painting in the city of Kabul, upon the invitation of his brother who is a writer himself.

In 2012, Nesar came to Indonesia because he had won a scholarship to study painting at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. After finishing school in 2017, he returned to Kabul. However, in 2019 he returned back to Indonesia to continue his Master Degree (Masters at the Faculty of Art & Design) in Bandung Institute of Technology.

Nesar has received a number of awards, namely the best student at the Kabul Art School, Afghanistan in 2009 and 2019. His paintings have also received the best title at ISI Yogyakarta and awards for humanity, peace and science in 2017. He involved in many exhibitions in Indonesia, among them ArtJog 2022 and his Solo Exhibition: The Eternal Waiting at Orbital Dago, Bandung in February 2022. This exhibition whose work tells the story of the fate of refugees from conflict countries.

As a full time artist based in Bandung, Nesar put an interest in developing printmaking techniques in his art. He will be in Ubud from 23 February to 9 March 2023 to join the residency program with Devfto.

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