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Nyoman Wijaya

Devfto x ArtSociates

Nyoman Wijaya is a painter who lives and works in Tabanan, Bali. He learned art, specifically realist painting and drawing at the Sanggar Senin Kamis under the guidance of Chusin Setiadikara in Sanur, Bali. Nyoman Wijaya is well known for his paintings of cows. cows have been the main subject matter of his painting as this recollects his memories of living and growing up in a family who made a living as cattle breeders in addition to farming. The cows in his paintings are not merely a matter of anatomy or a straightforward subject ,but to capture a reflection of his life experiences. A critical means of cultural validation. These days, Nyoman Wijaya uses photographs to recall his memories and to collect visual data of his painting process, instead of directly seeing the cows and the ambience at the cattle market.

During his residency period at Devfto, Wijaya explored the technique of lithography.

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