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Sindy Ponto

Devfto x Independent Artist

Sindy Ponto, is an artist based in Bandung. In her creative process, Sindy Ponto explores nature in the environment where she lives. She develops various visual elements of nature, which can be seen in the processing of texture values, transparent or opaque technical effects in the paint medium, as well as the processing of deformation and composition of the objects. Apart from that, Sindy also conducts psychological research to present the essence and character expressions of the objects so that they can be expressed in a unique way. Sindy started to pursue the creative process intensively from 2015 until now. In 2019, she held a solo exhibition BOUNDLESS JOURNEY as her debut. In2022, she joined a group exhibition “Poem, Meditation & Transience” at dia.lo.gue artspace, together with Bunga Yuridespita and Ella Wijt.

Her residency focused on Lithography prints, something that she wants to try and learn for so long.

Project Gallery

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