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Theresia A. Sitompul

Devfto x ArtSociates

Theresia Agustina Sitompul, also known as Teré, was born 1981 in East Java. Teré studied undergraduate to master’s level at the Indonesian Institute of the arts, Yogyakarta. She is a lecturer at ISI Surakarta and founder of the Minggiran Graphic Studio (established in 2000).

Her early works were mainly drawing and graphic prints, one of the media that she still uses to this day. She then developed her art by involving various other media that she presented in the form of sculptures and installations. It was from these times that issues of joy, anxiety and also hope for the close relationship between mother and child became the main theme of the artworks, resulting in her solo exhibition in 2009 - Confessions (of an artist as a young mom). This exhibition revealed Teré’s strength as an artist with abundant graphic print skills, but more importantly, it revealed her ability to present complex themes through her visual work. Her exploration now continues, as shown in her recent commission at Museum Macan “Kembara Biru”. After the experience of this commissioned work, Teré has begun to explore further, deeply reflective themes and media with which she creates blue coal works using carbon printing. Her works are now increasingly complex in themes, as well as richer in terms of form.

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