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Aswino Aji


Born in Silakarang, Gianyar, Bali on March 24th, 1997 to a family of wood carvers, sculptors and painters, drawing and painting was a part of daily life for Aji long before he started any kind of formal education. Aji attended the Art High School in Gianyar Bali and went on to earn a Bachelor Of Art degree from Indonesia’s renowned Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, Jawa. Made Aswino Aji’s art focuses mainly on a phenomenon known to all humans: the ego. Through using his creative artistic process to reflect deeply on modern life and the ego’s role herein, he creates, often colourful forms and depictions of what that ego looks like.

Aji’s paintings, photography and installation pieces, make use of figures, portraits and architecture to depict themes such as ostracization, isolation, and loneliness. He explores how in modern society, individuals no longer see others around them as their community, but rather as their competition. Aji imagines this not just on an individual level, but also on a global level in an arena without boundaries. Each person must now have qualities to compete in the struggle on a global scale. Modern day technological advances are viewed as stairs that can lead upward to success, but which can also lead us back downwards. New choices and opportunities are like doors leading us down unknown paths.

This insecurity is aggravated by increasingly competitive economies and workfields, which can leave one feeling cornered and without hope. However, look a little closer and see the real beauty of Aji’s work: there is hope, a common longing for something more. Compassion, beauty and human solidarity is seen for example, by simply looking out of the window of our modern day ‘box’.

Aswino Aji
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