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Chusin Setiadikara


Born in Bandung on March 4th 1949, Chusin Setiadikara studied drawing and painting from one of the Indonesian old masters, Barli Sasmitawinata, from 1976 until 1980. He works with an array of media, of course drawing and painting, but also photography and collage are included in his oeuvre. A combination of realist expression along with elements of pop style is what makes up most of Chusin’s work. Many of his artworks reflect on how Indonesian culture is slowly becoming influenced by a more global pop culture, in its turn influencing the streetscape and the people we see on a day to day basis.

Chusin Setiadikara is often described as a realist painter, due to the nature of his works, which always engage in matters factual and real. Chusin's works tend more to dwell on actual and external situations, exploring the relationship between his specific personal qualities and the reality of his cultural environment. Chusin tries to represent this reality critically, thus enlivening his own perceptions about the reality he lives in.

In 1996, Chusin represented Indonesia at the ASEAN ART AWARDS in Bangkok, Thailand. He then emerged as one of the best 5 winners at the Philip Morris ASIAN ART AWARDS. In 2005, Chusin participated at “The 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale” in Beijing, China. He received the “Excellent Work Award” for his work titled “Float and the Might 1”. Chusin’s work “Pasar Kintamani III” can be found in the permanent collection of the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Having held three solo exhibitions and over 16 group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, Chusin can be seen as a veteran of the Indonesian contemporary arts scene.

Chusin Setiadikara
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