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Handy Saputra


Handy Saputra is a Balinese artist who was born in Denpasar, February 21, 1963. He graduated with a Masters in Management at Warmadewa University, Denpasar and is known to be a prominent businessman. Handy is the only artist Devfto represents who is not a full time artist, yet he manages to combine both professions in such a way that one may not even realise that he lacks a formal art education.

Since childhood, Handy liked to read books related to art and literature. In between his busy life as a businessman, he started to collect paintings and later on he began to devote his spare time to creating art, especially photography, painting and printmaking. His works are often bright, bold and hold a certain naivety or innocence which Handy creates during a playful process emphasising the joy and fun of creating art.

His first solo exhibition was titled ‘The Audacity of Silent Brushes’ at Rumah Sanur, Denpasar (2020). The group exhibitions he has participated in include ‘Under the Sky We are Brothers, Wuhan Jiayou!’ at Sudakara Artspace, Sanur (2020), ‘Move On’ at Bidadari Artspace, Ubud (2020) and ‘Argya Citra’ exhibition at Gourmet Garage (2021). His paintings have also been featured on the cover of the poetry book ‘Amor Fati’ (Expression Library, 2019) by Wayan Jengki Sunarta and as illustration for the short story ‘Wisanggeni’ by Yanusa Nugroho which was published in Kompas (Sunday, 19 December 2021).

Handy Saputra
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