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I Made Arya Palguna


Born in 1976 in Ubud, Bali, I Made Arya Palguna first learned painting under his father, I Ketut Sudana, a well-known Balinese painter. He then went on to earn his Bachelors degree from Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta in 1996 and he has lived in Yogyakarta ever since.

A versatile artist, his distinctive style appears in his paintings,graphic prints, sculptures and other three-dimensional objects, installation art, performance art and murals. He has exhibited extensively in Indonesia and abroad as well as receiving many commissions for murals and performance art works. Besides exhibiting, Palguna has been invited to various workshops, fellowships, and residency programs, most recently at Muong’s Cultural Museum, Vietnam (2012).

Besides an array of group exhibitions, the artist holds several solo exhibitions to his name at amongst others Nakzkov, Denmark (1998); James Kohara Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA (1999), Galeri Padi, Bandung (1999), Galeri Santi, Jakarta, Moskwa(2000) as well as being a two-time finalist of the Philip Morris Art Awards (2011, 2012) and a finalist at the Indofood Art Awards (2002).

I Made Arya Palguna
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