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Putra Wali Aco


Born in Polowali, Mandar, on January 18, 1997, Putra Wali Aco studied for his bachelor's degree at the Undiksha Fine Arts Education between 2015-2019, and then went on to continue his studies mid 2021 following a Postgraduate Program in Graphic Arts Creation Study Program at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta. His work is heavily inspired by the pop art tradition.

Aco's interest in graphic arts led to him joining the Printmaking Studio Community of Undiksha. Currently, Aco is evolving and deepening his knowledge of art though having joined the Gurat Institute. Gurat Institute is an independent institution that focuses on research programs and visual culture development.

His works have been included in various exhibitions in Bali and beyond, qualifying for various national and international art competitions. Among his exhibitions are included; ‘NUSANTARA 2021’ National Gallery of Indonesia, ‘Assedas’, International Virtual Digital Art Exhibition Exhibition, 2020, ‘Literacy Across Cultures’ - International Conference Language Art Across Cultures and Exhibition. Besides this an array of awards and nominations include Finalist 3rd ASEAN Graphic Arts Competition in Vietnam in 2020, Finalist of Bandung Contemporary Art Award in 2019, Media Art Nalis "Sinkronik" in East Kalimantan in 2019 and Finalist International Printmaking and Paper Art Show In Jakarta 2018. 

Putra Wali Aco
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