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Satria T Nugraha


Satria T Nugraha (Bandung, 1986) engulfs his artistic explorations through printmaking techniques which cross-over with collages, video montage, installations and more. MAking great effort to compose the concepts he tries to depict, Satria often juxtaposes contrasting mediums with one another or with the themes of his works, attempting to convey his thoughts on subjects which for him relate to humans and their surroundings.

Living and working in Bali, his dreamy compositions juxtapose various landscapes and objects to depict the conflicted relationship between man and nature, particularly seen in how the forces of tourism have both benefitted and negatively changed in his surrounding environment. His works serve as an exploration of hope to find balance between ‘chaos and control’ or ‘humans and nature’. For him, art is the practice of freedom both in idea and activity, where it represents the expectations of eternal harmony between humans and nature.”  

Satria has participated in various group exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad. His works have been presented at; ‘First NBC International Screenprinting Biennale’, Tokyo (2007), ‘Neo-Nation ; Jogja Biennale ix’, Yogyakarta (2007), Tembi (Yogyakarta, 2008), Vivi Yip (Jakarta, 2009), National Gallery (Jakarta, 2011), Willie Fine Arts (Kuala Lumpur), Edwin’s Gallery (Jakarta), Lawang Wangi Art & Science (Bandung, 2012), Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (Bandung), Muse de la Contrafacon (Paris, 2013), Artsphere (Jakarta, 2014), dia.lo.gue (Jakarta, 2015), Seven Space (Tokyo) Ruci Gallery (jakarta) and Deus Ex Machina Gallery (Bali) where he held a solo exhibition ‘Panorama’ in 2021. Some of his works have also participated in international shows such as Artjog (2010), and Art Jakarta (2019 and 2020).

Satria T Nugraha
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