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I Gusti Ngurah Agung Pramana Wibawa

artist / studio staff

Agung Pramana is currently still studying at the UPMI Fine Arts study program.

Interested in the art of printing since around the beginning of 2018, he started experimenting with graphic design. His works often look unique, playing with image distortion, the use of halftone dot finishing, harmonious object composition and graphic breathability.

Being born in the midst of an urban society has triggered Agung’s work to become a medium to understand himself in the “real” Bali. His works are inspired by objects that he observes in his surroundings: visual Balinese/archipelagic culture including sculptures, architecture, carvings, essays and other objects.

This interest comes from both an anxiety towards and an interest in the secrets of Balinese culture, which to Agung still feels ambiguous and full of unknown elements.

Through his works, Agung strengthens the spirit of maintaining and remembering the legacy of the patterns of the culture, through experimental pop visual works that are easy to understand, diminishing the gap between his works and the public.


I Gusti Ngurah Agung Pramana Wibawa
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